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We strive to enhance the experience of the laundry system, by engaging people in an environment that is both entertaining and simple to use. 

FOCUSING on future

Throughout our branding process, we always wanted to focus on the customers needs. We used interactive technology to create a more inviting atmosphere for all of our customers when they are at a laundromat. The spotless app allows you to manage your machine's time, as well as, explore informative tutorials which will offer up some new tips to help get any of those stubborn stains out. Additionally, there is an option to customize your washer with an image. This image is projected onto the screen of whichever machine the customer is using, which lets other customers know that machine is in use. 

Below: Spot On Coffee is an internal coffee shop available to all spotless members. 

Spot On Coffee was created to provide a bigger atmosphere at our laundry mat. As a spotless member, you have access to our exclusive coffee shop.